Registration Open for Boys & Girls

(December 9th – February 24th)

Save 10% When You Register by 1/1/2019!

The online registration is now open for the following teams via TeamSnap:

  • Boys
    • High School (Varsity and JV)
    • Youth (5th/6th Grade and 7th/8th Grade)
  • Girls – Bend United
    • High School (Varsity and JV)

Registration Online via TeamSnap

Below is a breakdown of the steps involved in the registration process:

  • Pick correct registration form. We have two different registration forms…one for Boys and one for Girls. See buttons below. [Note: There are differences between these two registration processes]
  • Complete all required Player and Parent information. Please note that all players will be required to have a US Lacrosse Membership that is current throughout the entire season (6/2/2019). If your current membership ends before this date, you will need to renew your membership for another year via their website. It is $30 for Youth players and $35 for High School players. You will need to enter a valid membership number before you are able to move to the next step of the registration process.
  • Complete required Waivers.
    • Bend LaPine Participation Contract – electronic checkbox required [REQUIRED]
    • Bend Lacrosse Booster Club Waiver – need to download, review, complete form and upload signed document. [REQUIRED]
    • Acknowledgment of Concussion Guidelines – need to download, review, complete form and upload signed document. [REQUIRED]
  • Registration Fees.
    • Boys High School: $315 through 1/1/2019, $350 starting 1/2/2019
    • Boys Youth: $248 through 1/1/2019, $275 starting 1/2/2019
    • Bend United: $225 through 1/1/2019, $250 starting 1/2/2019
  • Payment Checkout. Multiple forms of payment are offered (Credit Card and ACH). We also offer installment payment options ($50 deposit and four equal monthly installments). Please contact Clint Burleigh if you want to discuss scholarship options.

Boys Register Here

Girls (Bend United) Register Here

Please let us know if you run into any issues during the registration process. Once the registration process is complete and tryouts are over, we will assign players to their respective teams in TeamSnap and coaches will communicate with them via that platform going forward.

— Coach Brostek