Required Forms

The following forms and documents need to be reviewed and completed for your player to participate in the 2022 Spring Lacrosse Season.

Bend LaPine Schools Participation Contract

Any student who participates in school-sponsored athletics or activities must agree to abide by the School District Board Policies, Administrative Rules, Code of Conduct, building rules, and team participation/training regulations. All students who participate in athletics and extracurricular activities are expected to be positive role models for other students and members of the community at all times. This signed contract shall be in effect at all times during the contract period.

Acknowledgment of Concussion Guidelines

In accordance with Senate Bill 721 (“Jenna’s Law”), new concussion training and procedural guidelines are now in effect for Oregon coaches, managers, referees, players under the age of 18, and their parents or legal guardians. For each year of participation, and prior to a player under the age of 18 participating, at least one parent or legal guardian must acknowledge receipt and review of the guidelines and materials related to concussions as described in the law. If the player is age 12 or older, the player must also acknowledge receipt and review of the guidelines and materials.

Sports Physical (High School Requirement)

All Freshmen and Juniors are required to have a new physical exam dated May 1, 2021 or later. If you did not get a physical as a freshman or junior - you must get one as a sophomore or senior. YOU MUST USE THE OSAA sports physical form with last update of May 2017 or we can NOT accept it.

US Lacrosse Membership

All players will need to provide their US Lacrosse Membership Number or sign up for one on their website.