Lacrosse Fosters Life Lessons For College Athletes

Here is a great post by Quint Kessenich from Inside Lacrosse.  It touches on many life lessons that we have been discussing across the Bend Lacrosse program in recent weeks…Sacrifice, Compartmentalizing Responsibilities, Time Management, Competing Through Obstacles, Growing From Failure, and Bonding Over Common Goals.  Take a few minutes to check out this great article.

– Coach B

Lacrosse Fosters Life Lessons

In any collegiate sport, it’s a challenge for athletes to balance the demands of the sport with academic responsibilities and a social life that must take third place.

In lacrosse — where the top programs are also some of the most rigorous academically, and where players rarely strike it rich as pros — the balance takes on greater meaning for athletes.

The academics at schools such as Princeton, Duke, Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins and Cornell are hyper competitive. Then there’s the athletic portion that can account for more than 30 hours per week, including practice, film study, weight lifting, meetings, treatment in the training room and travel.

Those who excel invest extra hours into their craft. The lazy and uncommitted sink deep on the bench.

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