Character Strengths and Virtues

This year I intend to spend a lot of time with our coaching staff, parents and players talking about Character. Thanks to my friends at the Positivity Project (Mike Erwin and Jeff Bryan), for loaning me some great materials about Character Strengths that I intend to incorporate into our coaching philosophy and training approach. For those of you that are interested, you can take a quick 15 minute survey through the VIA Institute on Character that will help you determine your character strengths across 24 different attributes.  As a coach, parent and team member, I think it’s important to understand your personal strengths to create positive changes in your life and those around you.

As you will see below, I focus on three main themes for player expectations. Each of these are further broken down into subcategories that can be aligned with specific character strengths.  Each week during the season we will discuss and focus on a few different character traits and how they relate to school, lacrosse and life.

Player Expectations

  • Positivity over negativity
    • Have fun. [Enthusiasm]
    • Set the example for what good sportsmanship looks like. [Humility/Modesty]
    • Overcome obstacles. [Optimism]
  • Team over self
    • Be on time and come prepared. Attention to detail. [Prudence]
    • Excel in the classroom. You are a student first and a lacrosse player second. [Perspective]
    • Dedicate yourself to the team. Be Loyal. Put in the necessary work in the offseason to be successful on Day 1. [Teamwork]
    • Misconduct will not be tolerated (Drugs, alcohol, skipping school or practices,etc.). [Self-Control]
    • You are role models for the High School, the Youth program and within the community. Be leaders on and off the field. [Leadership]
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
    • Give us 100% every day (mentally, physically and emotionally). [Perseverance]
    • You will make mistakes. Learn from them, accept criticism from coaches and fellow teammates and move on. [Bravery]
    • Choose the harder right over the easier wrong. [Integrity]

More to come over the next few months.

  • Coach B